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My Love Story with a pinch of Love Status

Today I am Going to Tell You About a Story Which is very close not only to my Heart but also to my Soul. If you ever loved someone unconditionally then surely you get connected to me. Here I am using Love Status to make it more interesting for you guys so that you didn't get bored.

Love Status that Changed My Life

After reading the above heading you may wonder how Love Status Changed My Life so for this you have to get to Know my Story. It all gets started when I am doing my engineering. It was the first day of my College. On the first day while the orientation ceremony was taken place I saw the Girl of my life and seeing her I just thought of the Best Lovely Status with which I can impress her and that status I got from this site named I just went to her and say but I don't know want happen I can't say a single word. I get shunt as I see her. well at that time I am actually going places. Physically I am present there but in my thoughts, I am going places with her. So, this is the way my love story gets started. After that finally, one day in the evening when our college gets over I finally ask her for an ice cream date and you know guys she actually agrees. Oh my God! this is the reaction my heart gave to me at that time. Then we go out and have a great time. From that day we started to meet on a regular basis and slowly we both started enjoying our company. and one day with the god grace I finally propose her and at last, she said a yes well that the best 3 letter word I heard in my whole life. So this is my story. If someone says how you summarise it I would say it is a story of juvenile extravagant passion exhibiting unbridled obligation of the protagonist endowed with sensitivity and care.

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